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Heartbeat connects brands directly with the millennial and GenZ audience they are trying to reach, and consumers with the brands they genuinely love. Our network of over 200,000 real women creates scalable, ROI-focused user-generated marketing campaigns on social media, proving that word-of-mouth is the best marketing channel out there.


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What we do

Heartbeat campaigns are tried and true methods based on your business objectives. Every campaign comes with a guarantee of 4% engagement, high quality user-generated content on personal social accounts, and real potential customers working towards your business objective. Speak with one of our experts today!

Run campaigns that are a 90% discount over traditional influencer cost
User Generated Content at Scale
Get access to 10,000 hyper-targeted creators and the impressions of their followers
Product Trial & Review
Get real feedback from targeted customers through surveys and exit interviews
Authentic Engagement
The average engagement on Heartbeat campaigns is above 7%
Drive Web Traffic
User generated content on product pages increases conversion by 85%
Get App Installs
Get 100s of hyper-targeted installs with every campaign

What values are most important at Heartbeat?

We come to work knowing that we’re empowering the voices of everyday women. Often in media and advertising, the depictions we see of women are unrealistic and unattainable, and it’s now clear the negative effects these stereotypes are having on millennial and Gen Z women. Every day we work with brands to convince them, with both our philosophy and with our data, that influencer marketing campaigns are more effective when you work with our diverse community of real women, who come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. We also get to interact with our 200,000 millennial ambassadors, who are incredibly appreciative that we embrace their diverse beauty and various interests.

One of our core tenets is “all ambassadors have value,” and it’s something we’re really serious about.

Why work with us

We're changing the way brands market, helping them advertise with the help of real everyday people, rather than marketing at them. Our technology allows us to create marketing campaigns unlike anyone out there, and we're building campaigns that are more effective and more powerful than any influencer or ad.


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We're located right in the heart of Venice! Our office is only one block from the beach, and we have a gorgeous roofdeck that overlooks the ocean.