The paradigm shift for how brands interact with this generation, finally giving consumers a voice.

Ambassadors Can
  • Get paid to post in influencer-style campaigns
  • Answer fun survey questions, opting in to tell brands about themselves
  • Engage with brand content and like-minded members
  • Tell brands what type of products they want next
  • See a brand’s social channels all in one place
  • Build relationships with the brands that represent their values
  • Get special offers and deals
  • Feel great about sharing their opinions and voice in marketing!

Brands Can
  • Run self-serve influencer-style campaigns
  • Take advantage of a cost-effective new marketing channel
  • Get user-generated content to repurpose
  • Work with a full-service team to run campaigns
  • Run surveys to better understand their audience
  • Understand who is buying, engaging, and ready to buy
  • Get product testing and focus groups done quick and easily
  • Create a central hub for their community followers
  • Build strong relationships with customers, increasing LTV