Grove Collaborative


Grove Collaborative drives awareness and sign-ups with their Cleaning Starter Kits


Grove Collaborative aimed to drive awareness and encourage new customers to sign up for Grove.


Heartbeat selected a highly targeted group of Ambassadors who are interested in a sustainable lifestyle and eco-friendly products. Each Ambassador received Grove’s Cleaning Starter Kit so they could organically capture themselves with the products at home. This led to beautiful lifestyle content and authentic recommendations about Grove’s services to their friends and followers.


Grove saw a significant spike in brand awareness from the campaign’s overall social reach and engagement. Since the Ambassador’s content aligned with Grove’s branding, they’re able to repurpose the content on their social channels for other marketing initiatives.


Engagement rate


Delivery on Reach Goal


Delivery on Engagement

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Grove helps me save time and money when purchasing my cleaning products, and it gives me peace of mind knowing that they are greener and healthier for my family.”

CPGKate Edwards