Suja boosts awareness for a new product using Ambassador marketing.


Suja was looking to activate Millennial women to boost brand awareness and drive sales for their new product, Drinking Vinegars.


Heartbeat reached out to a targeted group of health and wellness enthusiasts and engaged the Ambassadors with coupons for Suja products. Ambassadors then purchased Suja (in store, at home, or however they would naturally purchase Suja products) and shared their authentic experience on Instagram. Heartbeat connected Suja directly with women who would likely become consumers, and activated them as brand advocates at scale.


Suja was successful in using Ambassador Marketing to drive sales and promote brand awareness. The campaign delivered more than 6x the total contracted engagements. Suja utilized Heartbeat’s survey capabilities to gather valuable insight into the Ambassadors’ purchasing habits to strategize for future marketing and branding initiatives.


Total Engagements


Engagement Rate

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Absolutely love drinking @lovesuja! They're vegan, kosher, gluten free, and soy free!