The Bouqs


The Bouqs Co. drove conversions through a large-scale holiday campaign.

The Bouqs Co. aimed to increase awareness, position their brand as the best solution for flower gifting during the Valentine’s Day season, and ultimately increase sales.

Heartbeat selected a targeted group of Ambassadors who had historical success in converting sales to post 2x each, therefore delivering multiple impressions to their audience to keep The Bouqs Co. top-of-mind during peak season.

The Bouqs Co. achieved a 2x conversion rate for the campaign overall, which produced a meaningful ROI and achieved their goal of increasing sales during the Valentine’s Day season.


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This bouquet from @thebouqsco is probably one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever had 😌👌🏼 What is more important is that all of The Bouqs farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming 🍀.

CPGKate Edwards